It’s February 23, 2026. You’ve got a degree from the most visionary university in the country on your resume. But the world isn’t the same as it was when you were a student. Can you imagine…

  • Imagine that when you look for work, you’re not looking for a job. Instead, you’re searching for ways to pitch in on different challenges and projects. Most positions are short-term, and tied to specific tasks or initiatives. You move from gig to gig, based on your skills, your connections, and your availability.

    Could this really happen? Here are some clues…
    • How to find the perfect job for you today -- and then pick a different job tomorrow (UpWork)
    • How to get hired for a better job, just by playing a videogame (
    • How to discover work you can get paid for, anytime, anyplace Gigwalkers

    Imagine a global economy powered by gigs—not full-time, long-term jobs. How would you structure your day? How would you find the perfect job for you today… and then pick a different job tomorrow? What if all jobs, from healthcare to humanities, were made into micro-work?

  • Imagine that there was a way to spark change in your community with a single gesture. Voting on civic issues is now as easy as a right or left swipe, and voters today are more engaged than ever.

    Could this really happen? Here are some clues…
    • How to turn online talk into real-world action (Loomio)
    • How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era (DemocracyOS)
    • How to invent new forms of government (ReConstitutional Convention)

    Imagine democracy has been upgraded for the Internet era, what is your vote for the future of Sacramento region? How would you engage in global citizenship in this kind of future? What if you could right-swipe to vote?

The best way to imagine how things can be different is to start with what you know, and change it. Pick a topic you care about, and start playing cards to imagine how it might be different in the year 2026! Be sure to use a hashtag in each card you play. Here are some ideas to get you started… (and feel free to invent your own!)

  • #TeamEnvironment
  • #TeamFood
  • #TeamEducation
  • #TeamHealth
  • #TeamTechnology
  • #TeamArt
  • #TeamJustice
  • #TeamJournalism
  • #TeamHumanities
  • #TeamLibraries

In the world of 2026: What could you create? What could you make different? What challenge could you help solve? UC Davis, what are your futures?

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